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This page describes what has been modified on the lightweight cryptography lounge, i.e. on the pages listing lightweight blockciphers, hashfunctions, streamciphers and one-pass authenticated ciphers.


  • 2016/09/06: Added the block ciphers SKINNY and MANTIS.
  • 2016/02/18: Updated the description Rectangle to take into account its latest version after a suggestion from Wentao Zhang.
  • 2015/12/15: Added the latest variant of the Chaskey Cipher, Chaskey-12.
  • 2015/11/30: Added the block cipher Midori.
  • 2015/11/13: Added the block ciphers MYSTY1, MISTY2 and KASUMI after a suggestion from Gaëtan Leurent.
  • 2015/09/21: Added the block ciphers RoadRunneR and Mysterion.
  • 2015/09/17: Added the block cipher SIMECK and the stream cipher SNOW 3G.
  • 2015/09/02: Created this page.
  • 2015/28/09: Added the block cipher LEA after IW Jeong submitted it to our FELICS Triathlon.
  • 2015/07/07: Added the block ciphers Robin and Fantomas.
  • 2015/04/13: Added the block cipher Chaskey cipher after a suggestion from Nicky Mouha.
  • 2015/07/25: Added the block cipher ITUbee after a suggestion from Ferhat KARAKOÇ.
  • 2014/02/28: First upload to the lightweight cryptography lounge.


We thank the following people for their suggestions and comments: