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ACRYPT is a FNR/SnT CORE project on lightweight cryptography for the internet of things, 2013-2016.

The deliverables are listed below.

  1. A review on the state of the art in lightweight symmetric cryptography (Alex Biryukov, Léo Perrin, 2014)
  2. FELICS- Flexible benchmarking framework to evaluate lightweight symmetric primitives in the Internet of Things context (Daniel Dinu, Yann Le Corre, Dmitry Khovratovich, Léo Perrin, Johann Großschädl, Alex Biryukov, 2015)
  3. SPARX: A Family of ARX-based Lightweight Block Ciphers with Provable Bounds (Daniel Dinu, Léo Perrin, Aleksei Udovenko, Vesselin Velichkov, Johann Großschädl, Alex Biryukov, 2016)