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Master Project topics for Uni.lu and Erasmus students

We are looking for capable students who would like to do their master/bachelor thesis or a semester project. Below is the list of open topics. Student jobs related to these projects are also available upon request. These projects can be done also in collaboration with external university. Foreign students may look for financial support from Erasmus Mundus programme.

WhiteBox attacks toolkit

Whitebox cryptography is an implementation of a cryptographic algorithms in software, in such a way that an attacker with full access to the software is not able to gain any advantage compared to a black box attacker. For example, it should not be possible to obtain key information directly from memory, or intermediate results from the cryptographic algorithm. This research focuses on attempting to recover key information by performing side channel analysis (e.g. MIA or similar attacks) on whitebox implementations.

Research question: Can you build a toolkit to extract keys from white-box crypto implementations?

Expected outcome

- state-of-the-art study

- implement well-known attacks

- research new WBC attack methods

- feasibility study

- prototype attack code


- SW Reverse Engineering - Program analysis - Cryptographic attacks

Contact: Alex Biryukov