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Privacy and Anonymity

Informal description of the Bitcoin deanonymization attack.
 Press release on secure, anonymous, easy way to pay for online content

In the following works, we focus on the privacy aspects of the privacy-preserving cryptocurrency Zcash, with an increased attention towards mining. In our paper "Portrait of a Miner in a Landscape" we focus on the mining hardware hierarchy and the hardware of specific miners in GPU dominated Proof-of-Work mining. In the paper "Privacy and Linkability of Mining in Zcash" we show how one can link more than 90% of the Zcash block reward payments, even though it should be theoretically unlinkable. Finally, in our paper "Privacy Aspects and Subliminal Channels in Zcash" we investigate further linkability methods in Zcash and utilize them to show possibility of active attacks targeting specific users. We also show the existence of practical subliminal channels in the zero-knowledge proofs of Zcash as well as mitigations.

New Proofs of Work

New Consensus Protocols