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'''February 2016''' [[Dmitry Khovratovich|Dmitry]] gave talk at [http://www.internetsociety.org/events/ndss-symposium-2016/ndss-2016-programme NDSS'16], US about [http://hdl.handle.net/10993/22277 EquiHash].
'''February 2016''' [[Dmitry Khovratovich|Dmitry]] gave talk at [http://www.internetsociety.org/events/ndss-symposium-2016/ndss-2016-programme NDSS'16], US about [http://hdl.handle.net/10993/22277 EquiHash].
'''March 2016''' [[Vesselin Velichkov|Vesselin]] and [[Aleksei Udovenko|Aleksei]] gave talks at [https://fse.rub.de/program.html FSE'16].
'''March 2016''' [[Dmitry Khovratovich|Dmitry]] gave talk about Argon2 at [http://www.ieee-security.org/TC/EuroSP2016/program_compact.php EURO S&P'16].
'''May 2016''' [[Léo Perrin|Léo]] gave talk on our new S-box reversing results at [http://ist.ac.at/eurocrypt2016/program.html Eurocrypt'16], Vienna.
'''June 2016''' [[Daniel Dinu|Daniel]] gave talk on Correlation Power Analysis of LW ciphers at [http://acns2016.sccs.surrey.ac.uk/ ACNS], UK
'''July 2016''' Dmitry presented Argon2 and Equihash at [https://www.ietf.org/meeting/upcoming.html IETF meeting] in Berlin.
'''August 2016''' [[Aleksei Udovenko|Aleksei]] gave a talk at [https://www.iacr.org/conferences/crypto2016/ CRYPTO'2016] and will participate in [https://legitbs.net/ Defcon CTF Final].
'''August 2016''' [[Dmitry Khovratovich|Dmitry]] gave a talk on  [[Media:Egalitarian.pdf| '''Egalitarian computing''']] at [https://www.usenix.org/conference/usenixsecurity16/technical-sessions/presentation/biryukov Usenix Security'16].
'''September 2016''' [[Vesselin Velichkov|Vesselin]] gave talk at [http://www.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/labs/tiwata/diac2016/accepted.html DIAC'16].

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20-May-2013 Ivan and Ralf attended IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P) and Ivan gave a talk about weaknesses in Tor Hidden Services protocol:

Alex Biryukov,Ivan Pustogarov,Ralf-Philipp Weinmann, "Trawling for Tor Hidden Services: Detection, Measurement, Deanonymization"

December 2013 Dmitry gave a talk on white box cryptography at the Chaos Computer Club conference in Hamburg.

January 2014 Alex, Dmitry and Vesselin gave talks at Dagstuhl Symmetric Crypto seminar.

January 2014 Dmitry, Vesselin gave talks at CT-RSA 2014 conference.

February 2014 Arnab and Léo gave talks at the FSE 2014 conference.

February 2014 The review on the state of the art in lightweight symmetric cryptography (Biryukov, Perrin, 2014) is online.

March 2014 Alex and Dmitry submit the authenticated encryption scheme PAEQ to the CAESAR competition.

March 2014 Alex and Dmitry submit the password hashing scheme Argon to the Password Hashing Competition.

August 2014 Dmitry has given a talk on Argon at PHC, Las Vegas,US.

August 2014 Léo and Patrick have won prizes from the designers of Prince cipher for the best cryptanalysis.

November 2014 Ivan talked about our Bitcoin deanonymization paper at ACM CCS'14.

November 2014 Cryptolux organized a crypto workshop for kids at Researchers’ Days, 7-8 November 2014.

January 2015 Alex organized a new edition of Early Symmetric Crypto seminar in Clervaux, Luxembourg.

January 2015 Ivan gave talks at Crypto in the Real World (London) and at Financial Crypto (Puerto-Rico).

March 2015 Ivan attended Tordev meeting in Valencia.

March 2015 Léo, Patrick and Dmitry went to FSE to give talks.

March 2015 On 20-March Léo and Johann organized demo of "Crypto for kids" for the symposium of educators "Mister Science & Co – Wëssenschafte spilleresch erliewen"

March 2015 Alex gave invited talk at Grand Region Security and Reliability Day.

April 2015 Argon2 was selected for the 2nd round of the PHC competition.

May 2015 Ivan gave talk about Bitcoin over Tor at IEEE S&P'15.

May 2015 Our ASASA public key scheme has received attention from 3 different teams of cryptanalysts (!), some parameters are broken. We will work on repairs.

June 2015 Alex and Dmitry gave talks at Cryptocurrencies/FinTech for IT event in Luxembourg.

June 2015 Adi Shamir gave two lectures (see details here).

June 2015 Ivan's defence on "Deanonymisation techniques for Tor and Bitcoin"

July 2015 Daniel and Johann went to give talks at NIST's Lightweight Cryptography Workshop 2015 they announced the Triatlon competition.

August 2015 Léo has given talks at CRYPTO'2015 and SAC2015 on S-box reverse-engineering

November 2015 Alex has given a talk at Rise of FinTech about Blockchain technology

November 2015 Dmitry has given talks at ASIACRYPT'2015 and rump-session about hardware/computations tradeoffs, Argon2 and Egalitarian Computing.

January 2016 Dmitry has given talk on "Argon2 and Egalitarian computing" at Real World Cryptography Conference, Stanford, US.

January 2016 Alex, Léo and Dmitry were invited and gave talks at Dagstuhl, Symmetric Crypto seminar.

January 2016 Alex and Dmitry will give talks at SnT FinTech event, Luxembourg.

February 2016 Alex gave Nikita's talk, Nikita gave Alex's talk at Dagstuhl, Modern Cryptography and Security: An Inter-Community Dialogue seminar.

February 2016 Dmitry gave talk at NDSS'16, US about EquiHash.

March 2016 Vesselin and Aleksei gave talks at FSE'16.

March 2016 Dmitry gave talk about Argon2 at EURO S&P'16.

May 2016 Léo gave talk on our new S-box reversing results at Eurocrypt'16, Vienna.

June 2016 Daniel gave talk on Correlation Power Analysis of LW ciphers at ACNS, UK

July 2016 Dmitry presented Argon2 and Equihash at IETF meeting in Berlin.

August 2016 Aleksei gave a talk at CRYPTO'2016 and will participate in Defcon CTF Final.

August 2016 Dmitry gave a talk on Egalitarian computing at Usenix Security'16.

September 2016 Vesselin gave talk at DIAC'16.