Seminar talks by Adi Shamir (2015)

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It is our pleasure to host two talks by Adi Shamir.

How to Reach Unreachable Computers

Wednesday 10/06, 10:00-11:00, C02, Kirchberg campus (FSTC/

Abstract: Highly sensitive computers are usually unreachable in the sense that they are located in isolated facilities surrounded by armed guards, and are not connected to the internet or to any other external communication networks. In addition, they are protected from standard side channel attacks by receiving their electricity from local generators and by being surrounding by Faraday cages to prevent any leakage of electromagnetic radiation. The holy grail of cyber attacks is to find a way to reach such unreachable computers. In this talk, I will describe some new experimentally verified techniques which can be used by an outside attacker to establish long range (>1 kilometer) bidirectional communication with such an airgapped computer system that contains only standard untampered hardware components. It is a joint work with Yuval Elovici and Moti Guri.

How to reach the place

Post-Snowden Cryptography

Thursday 11/06 10:00-11:00, B001, Weicker building (SnT)

Abstract: Recently, a series of unprecedented leaks by Edward Snowden had made it possible for the first time to get a glimpse into the actual capabilities and limitations of the techniques used by the NSA to eavesdrop to computers and other communication devices. In this talk, I will survey some of the things we have learned, and discuss possible countermeasures against these capabilities.

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