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Ph.D. student in Applied Crypto, Crypto-Finance and Privacy (M/F)

The University of Luxembourg is a multilingual, international research University. The University of Luxembourg has the following vacancy in the CSC Research Unit of its Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC):

•2-year contract, renewable once, 40 hours/week
renewable up to 4 years in total after positive evaluation, 40 hours/week, starting in October 2015 (or later).
•	Ref: F2-040006                  
•	Employee status

Research area: The University of Luxembourg seeks to hire a PhD student for the CryptoLux group led by Prof. Alex Biryukov. We are looking for candidates in one of the topics:

•	applied crypto, cybersecurity
•	cryptofinance, cryptocurrencies
•	anonymity and privacy

Applicants interested in symmetric cryptography, authenticated encryption are also encouraged to apply.


Your main responsibility will be research work in the rapidly growing areas of Cryptofinance and/or the area of Privacy Enhancing Technologies and/or Applied Crypto/Cybersecurity. Depending on your applicant’s interests it may include design and analysis of modern cryptocurrencies and cryptofinance solutions. Development of new proofs of work. Study of security and privacy of existing anonymity networks (ex. Tor), etc. Study of white-box cryptography, code obfuscation/de-obfuscation, automated discovery of vulnerabilities, etc.


•	An M.Sc. in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics (for Cryptofinance topic some background in Economics/Finance would be a plus)
•	GPA > 80%
•	Fluent written and verbal communication skills in English are mandatory.  


You will work in an exciting international research environment and have the opportunity to carry leading edge research in these rapidly evolving areas, which will have direct impact on the future.

Please send your application to: Prof. Alex Biryukov (e-mail: name dot family name (at)

Applications (in English) should contain the following documents:

•	a brief cover letter explaining the candidate's motivation and research interests
•	a detailed CV (including photo)
•	copies of diploma certificates
•	participation in olympiads, competitions, CTFs is an advantage. 

Please apply online by November 30, 2015. Applications will be considered on receipt therefore applying before the deadline is encouraged.