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Early Symmetric Crypto (ESC) seminar

11-15 January 2010

Remich, Luxembourg

Program Chairs

Alex Biryukov, Joan Daemen, Stefan Lucks, Serge Vaudenay

The list of topics

   * Authenticity
   * Integrity
   * Privacy
   * Block Ciphers
   * Stream Ciphers
   * Hash Functions
   * Provable Security
   * Cryptanalysis
   * Algorithmic challenges in SK and PK crypto (Groebner bases, lattices, multivariate crypto, factoring, etc.)

This seminar continues the series of seminars on Symmetric Crypto that took place at Dagstuhl 2007, 2009 and Echternach 2008. Here is the link to the previous edition of the seminar:

Remich is a small town in Luxembourg on the banks of the river Mosel, in the wine growing area of Luxembourg.

We will try to keep with the spirit of previous Dagstuhl and Echternach seminars. We hope that most of the participants would give talks of about 25 to 40 minutes about their most current and exciting work. We have time to accommodate a talk by everyone. The gathering will be informal (no formal proceedings) and there will be plenty of time for discussions.


13.01 Wednesday 14:00-17:00 an excursion in the vineyards of Remich with a visit to a wine cellar and some wine tasting at cave Kox. Click here for more details.


CEFOS has wellness and sauna which is accessible to all the participants. There is also bowling and self-service bar.


It is relatively cold these weeks in Luxembourg, even with some snow. Day temperature around -6 -- 0, night temperature -13 -- -5. Take warm clothes and a good raincoat!