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It's fair to say that when it comes to being a truck driver, the long hours on the road can really rack up and before you know it, can quickly become tiring. But one of the best parts of the job is being able to put your truck on cruise control and listen to as much music as you'd like - think of it as a really long road trip!

Whether it's country, rock or hip hop music, we've gone that extra mile to come up with a list of some of the catchiest trucking anthems that'll make your long drives go that bit more smoothly.

Grateful Dead - 'Truckin

Just like the track title suggests, this 1970s hit is all about truck driving throughout mainland America. From travelling through different cities to the long hours on the road, it sums the job up fairly well.

Sheryl Crow - 'Everyday is a Winding Road'

Perhaps one of the most famous road trip songs to date, we couldn't leave this '90s hit off our list from the goddess of country rock herself. From the upbeat melody to her deep, husky voice, it's no wonder that the track received a Grammy award in 1998.

Sheryl Crow - 'Real Gone'

While we're on the topic of Sheryl Crow, we can't forget the track she did for Disney's 'Cars' soundtrack. The combination of the All-American lyrics blended with Crow's Southern twang, makes for a great listen when driving cross country.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Road Trippin

From 'snacks and supplies' to 'getting lost in the USA' this chilled out single from the RHCP describes life on the road at its best - referencing the beautiful scenery and freedom of being in control while behind the wheel.

Willie Nelson - 'On the Road Again'

What better way to get you in the driving mood than by listening to this 1980s hit from country legend Willie Nelson? A great one to blast at the start of your journey, it's bound to quickly get you back into that trucking mind set.

Tracy Chapman - 'Fast Car'

If you need a good song to help you wind down, Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' is always a good option when driving on the open road. Just keep your hands on the wheel and pretend you're in a swanky convertible!

Nelly - 'Ride Wit' Me'

Whether you're picking up a hitchhiker or are just looking for something fun to listen to (to make your journey that much more enjoyable) this hip hop anthem makes for the perfect background music for any road trip.

The Beatles - 'Drive My Car'

For a retro vibe in the driver's seat, giving this hit a listen will be sure to perk you up in no time.

Ray Charles - 'Hit the Road Jack'

Finally, no trucking playlist would be complete without including this jazzy jam from 1960. The upbeat rhythm and blues voice make it the ideal tune to blast while embarking on a long stint on the road.

Morven McCulloch is a London-based writer. For more information on becoming a licensed lorry driver, check out the HGV Express website.

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